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          We are give here list of some keyboard shortcuts by using we can boost the work productivity and work with computer more comfortably:-

1. Alt+F4 to Close an Open Window/Program.
2. Window+M to minimize all open windows.
3. Alt+Tab to switch from one open program to another open program.
4. Ctrl+C to copy selected Item.
5. Ctrl+X to cut selected Item.
6. Ctrl+V to Paste.
7. Ctrl+S for Save
8. Ctrl+O for Open
9. Ctrl+P  for Print
10. In Windows 7 use Window+Left Arrow to shift the window in Left.
11. In Windows 7 use Window+Right Arrow to shift the window in Right.
12. In Windows 7 use Window+UP Arrow to maximize the window.
13. In Windows 7 use Window+Down Arrow to shift the minimize/restore the window.
14. Window+Tab to switch between open programs.
15 Alt+Space to open title bar menu.
16. Alt+Esc to switch or cycle between open programs in order they open or access.
17. Ctrl+Win+Tab to cycle through programs in Taskbar.
18. Window+D to Minimize all open windows press again for previous state.
19, Window+Space to see the Desktop
20. Win+X to open windows mobility center.
21. Window+F to open Found window
22. Window+L to Lock the Computer
23. Win/Window+P to select the Presentation display mode.
24. Win+R to open Run window.
25. Win+E to open Windows Explorer.
26. Press Shift when insert CD/DVD it stop them automatic playing.
27. Ctrl+Esc or Win+Esc to open the Start menu without mouse.
28. Win+1..9 to open programs store in Taskbar.
29. Win+T to go to first Item in Taskbar.
30. Alt+D or F4 to jump to Address Bar.
31. Select Folder/File Press F2 to Rename.
32. F5 to Refresh.
33. Ctrl+A select all
34. Shift+Del to delete an object without move in Recycle Bin.
35. Press F3 on Desktop to open Search Window.
36. F1 for Help
37. Use Backspace to move last location in windows explorer.
38. Ctrl+Shift+N to create new folder in windows explorer.
39. Select File/Folder Press Alt+Enter to open properties.
40. Win+B go to first Item in System Tray.
41. Alt+Space+N to Minimize current window.
42. Alt+Space+X to Maximize Restore Window
43 Alt+Space+R to Resize Window.
44. Alt+Space+M to Move to window with Arrow Keys
45. Shift+F10 for Right click

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